Journal 1

Accueil de Jour Thérapeutique Alzheimer & Maladies Apparentées (Day care center for Dementia)

Water-soluble oil pastels, watercolor on 1/4 A4 sketch journal

When painting with Alzheimer’s patients, I was limited to working with crayons or watercolor. Each page reflects on the day’s mood, or my special encounter with one of the patients.

Studio Arte Ginestrelle – Artist Residency in Assisi, Italy

Acrylic on paper
12.6 in x 16.1 in

I wanted to free myself from preordained colors that already occupy my mind in Assisi, a beautiful town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I ruminated on the feelings of fragility from my recent experience with Alzheimer’s patients alongside the delicate colors of Assisi.