SketchBook – Remembrance

Location: Accueil de Jour Thérapeutique Alzheimer & Maladies Apparentées (Day care center for Alzheimer’s patients and those with related disorders)

Water-soluble oil pastels, watercolor on Size A5 sketch paper

Working with Alzheimer’s patients was a parallel experience to working with a child in terms of their relearning and their boundless creativity. At their diner table, I was to work to coax their first step into drawing or painting: encouraging imitation. I was limited to working with my crayons or watercolor – to prevent any accidents from happening (some may chew on a toxic material). I worked on my blank paper alongside them. Despite only a few words spoken, I felt like I could understand them even more profoundly.

Location: Studio Arte Ginestrelle – Artist Residency in Assisi, Italy

Acrylic on paper
12.6 in x 16.1 in

Colors dictate my creativity. I chose Assisi to free myself from preordained colors that would flow from my paintbrush; certain colors prevail in my subconscious. Meaningful color combinations – that make sense in their own organization – construct the simplest forms, then larger compositions.