Aluminum, bronze, wire, gloves, plexiglass, light table, brain tissue slides of 6-OHDA treated rat from neuroscience lab model for Parkinson’s Disease 
26 x 29 x 16 inches

The process of understanding the essence of human relationships and phenomenal experiences is one that is uncanny. As an art student and a neuroscience enthusiast, I hesitate between different ways of knowing and discovering our physical and sensational world. A Raw Conversation mirrors my dilemma regarding the two academic disciplines: visual arts and neuroscience. This work represents the subtle yet significant incompatibility between the two ways of knowing about ourselves and the intricate web of human connections existing around us. What is physically present speaks of what is present in our concrete understanding of our brain, the center of our thoughts and emotions. What is physically absent should be tangibly present in our emotional perception of human compassion and understanding.